‘Twas dark and cold,
Lost in voice.
Alone I walk down the lane,
I’m here ‘WITHOUT YOU’

Dark clouds above me,
Sounds of thunder sharp.
Lighting strikes strong,
I’m here ‘WITHOUT YOU’

Cold winds blow hard,
Heavy pours of rain.
Days short and horrid,
I’m here ‘WITHOUT YOU’

Men search for shelters,
Animals runs in caves.
Birds hides in their nest,
I’m here ‘WITHOUT YOU’

My heart cold and timid,
Finding hard to breath.
All doors shut upon me,
I’m here ‘WITHOUT YOU’

Tears roll down my cheek,
Foot on lone pairs of death.
My arms so short,
I’m here ‘WITHOUT YOU’

Minutes seems years,
In search of your tender hand.
A long to see you smile,
I’m here ‘WITHOUT YOU’

I’m here Lonely,
I’m here Waiting,
I’m here Calling,
NauN’ou, I’m here ‘WITHOUT YOU’

~Gou Chongloui



“Old is Gold” ti sapte’n asei paocham tuh lui hi ana ki ja jing leh kimang jing khat chu ahin, dih kasa lheh’e. Ama hon ana sei uhi ajeh nei tah a ana sei diu tahsan aum in ahi, ahin tuni’n kasei nom chu ahileh hiche Old hi Alui hilou in Teh ahi lou leh Tehset lam in hinsei ing’e.

Teh ahilou leh Tehset kiti khang hi mihem khang nei lah a khang vangpha tah khat ahi kati nom’e, ajeh chu mihem jouse’n amoh mu joulou khat chu ahi.

Teh/Tehset hi Pathen phatthei boh na khat ahi ding jong tahsan um in ahi. Hiche Teh khang hin mihem khang kinei ho cheng hi ahin musoh jou’u ti thei ahi. Teh khang hung lut mi khat chu chihna, thepna hihen khantou na lam hijong leh midang sang a chung nung jo leh pilhing joh ding tahsan aum in ahi.

Chihna, thepna leh khantou na lam a hung pilhing khat chun hinkho a thil hinto ho atam jeh leh chihgilna anei thei in ahi. Hiche thil ahin to’u tam jeh hin apha aphalou, adih adihlou alheh khen thei un hijeh chun chihna thepna lam in giltah leh sang tah apha jou’uve.

Tahsa khantou na ding’a tahsa in angaichat neh le chah hihen hui leh twi ahi bang’in, lungthim hatna leh khantou na ding agaichat pha bep aum in hichu tahsa’n angaichat sang’in ajat tam jon angai cha’n ahi. Lungthim damtheina leh khantou na thei ding hi ilunggel ingaito ho jouse hi thil apha lam leh adih lam jeng gel leh ngaito hi ahi.

Teh hin pilhin na khat anei tah jeh leh athil to tam jeh in vaihomna lam, thusei lam, thutan na lam, in athem jep u’ve. Hiche hi mihem thilpeh leh semthu hilou, angai’a (Natural) hung um doh khat ahi. Hiche thepna leh chihgil na hi adih lam a hin mangcha chun lunggel damtheina ape’n ahi.

Mihem khat in lunggel ngaito ho jouse apha lam leh adih lam hin gel leh ngaito khat chun teh khang ahi phah teng tahsa hatlou nung hijong leh lungthim damtheina anei thei aki pah jing thei’e.

Atehse them khat lunggel chu, “Keihi mite ding’a panna bei leh ima hilou kahi”, ti’n akigel ji’un ahi. Hiche lung agel, angaito hi teh jeh leh tahsa hatmo jeh’a asei uhi alungput uleh alunggel’u adih lam’a amn lou jeh u ahi. Hiche hi tahsa lhahsam jeh hilou in lunggel lhahsam jeh ahi jo’e.

Tehse tampi’n ahin sung’a thil tampi abol thei ding leh abol jou ding’u ahin, lunggel leh lungput adih lam’a aman lou jeh uva losam kha ji’u ahi. Lunggel phat lou leh lunggel dih hohi ivet leh lung’a gel hat val jeh ahi. Atah sang’a lung’a adih leh adihllou moh suh to thu a gel jeh ahi.

Hiche cheng hin hinkho a dam’na leh lunggel leh lungthim damthei na ahin so doh thei ding ahi.

~Gou Chongloui


It is unfortunate and hurtful to be discriminated in our country. It is indeed opprobrious to be treated or called as immigrant or foreigner in our own capital, Delhi or other metro cities. Among the midst of well-educated people, there are still illiterate people who asked where Manipur, Nagaland or any other North-Eastern states is? At times it’s obscure the North-Eastern Indian, an Indian? The question itself sometime has no answer to it, as there are numerous incidents that took us as far away from being an Indian.

The reason for not being accepted as one or treated unequally even when living under the same roof, it’s still hard to believe the fact that we are still being discriminated in our own land. How can one feel comfortable and safe when being not wanted? Many a times we receive a deaf ear for the authorities and officials when putting up our problem faced and grievances on their table. For many reasons all our pain, our sorrow, our tears left unheard, unseen, untold and kept all these to our-self leaving us heavyhearted.

India’s geographical map does show different regions, cultures, religions, languages, castes, etc. making a diverse country. All these differences in regions, cultures, ethnic, class, languages, or so shouldn’t be a barrier among the citizens if they are cognizant of each other’s differences. Educating ourselves about our differences in every walk of life we live than we’ll able to understand, appreciate and respect all the differences we all have. Only then peace and harmony will prevail when we differentiate our differences. It is unfortunate that our educational society, left out to include all the differences that harmonize our societies of India, in our educational curriculum. If all these differences we treasure in our society be heard, learned and understand by all at least up to high school level than all these said discrimination among us wouldn’t have existed.

The people of North-East migrate in major cities has increase for the past five six years. The main factor for migrating in other major cities is to seek higher education, employment or posting. Their migrations are due to the lack of educational infrastructure in the North-East followed by the lack of employment opportunities due to socio-political unrest, communal conflict, and many other reasons. Due to this increase in migrating, there increase in the cases of discrimination as well.

This discrimination has left many victims devastated, depressed, foiled, dismissed, or even untimely death. There are many victims of various incidents who had left the Cities, unfulfilled their dreams which they once had bring along while coming. They does return back with indelible memories, some with mental disorder, some having sleepless night with nightmares about the incidents that had occurred to them, these may be are the few lucky victims in one hand as some with fatal incident whom their mortal remains reach back home.

In our society, the minorities, underprivileged or the weaker section are being ignored, neglected or not treated accordingly by the society or by the government at large. These section of our society, if attended or given more priority to their needs and wants then our society, our country be able to develop to a large extend. As these section of people don’t have panoptic outlook, exposure or opportunities as their counterpart who are in majority. They do have very limited resources to use which is not sufficient to meet their needs.

The Government initiatives languish due to its poor implementation. Many still remain marginalized and continue to suffer discrimination as government failure in stopping discriminatory behaviors.

~Gou Chongloui

A Moment with a Beauty

Gou Rain

         A deserted road it was, with no sign of life on sight with heavy pour of rain. The world half asleep, there I stand taking shelter under a slight extended roof of a closed shop. Under the dim street lamp I notice someone approaching. The heavy pour caused low visibility to identify the person except a distort figure. On approaching I could descry a drench lady in quest of shelter. She sighted me under the shelter, she balked but came loathly. She was chary with my presence as being stranger. Seems jaded, she exhales in exhaust. Standing contiguous to me I scanned her and think she is from a decent family and her sense of dress appears she was on an occasion.

   None of us speaks as being strangers, but not for long until she searches for something to dry herself with something dry. Busy looking inside her hand bag, I extended my hand to offer her with a hankie to use. She looked up and took the hankie, thanked me for the same. Looking at her while she wipes her wet face and hands, I reached out my hand again this time to greet her by introducing myself. She doesn’t avert but responded extending her hand to shake while saying her name. She goes on wiping herself dry.

     Staying silence for some few minutes I reluctantly asked her, are you scared? To me seems to appear with my presence. But to my disbelief she spoke, ‘No, you seems to be a good man and hope you don’t mind me sharing your shelter’. No, not at all, I say, guess we are on the same boat under this condition. Be comfortable I’ll not bite you, saying jestingly. On hearing my jokes she peals of laughter. With the dim light of the street light we were able to see each other lightly.

     I looked at her when she laugh, Oh! My God she was incredibly beautiful; her hair straight, lips red, skin tone and eyes glowing under the dim light, her physique well, making her proportionately perfect. She was soft-spoken, appears to be intelligent, confident and prudent. Can’t hold back myself, I praise her beauty on my own style. She thanked me for the compliment but the way she responded seems she wasn’t a coquette.

     My mind still question of how fate made me met this beautiful, intelligent lady at this late hour under heavy pour of rain. But still no courage to ask her nor had an answer to self. Since the rain subside enabling to move, I cursed myself and rain subsiding for I wasn’t able to spend more time with her as she was about to make her move. She was about to bid me goodbye, and I on the other hand still want her to stay a little longer for my though were enrapt in her.

     Finally, she says good night. It was nice meeting you and thanks you for sharing me your shelter for a while. I’m happy to have met you I was afraid of darkness and being lonely. I was happy inside to have hear that from her, but lest I was afraid if I asked her something. I asked her if I could at least drop you to where you intent to go. On hearing my offer she agreed and we walked towards her way. She thanked me for accompanying her, it’s my pleasure to drop you and yet lucky to meet you, I said in correspondence to her thanks.

     After walking for a while passing some blocks she stopped and said we are here, I’ll go in from here. Bidding farewell from my side was hurting even if it was just few hours from meeting her. “Goodnight and thank you once again for dropping me”, she says as she wither into the dark lane that follows to a house few meter from where we stand.

     Little moments we did spent under the heavy rain pouring, sharing same shelter saving self for a while means alot. Her presence for few moments makes me feels lucky to have met and beauty that deserve praising. It was a moment worth remembering that would last. Whether meeting the mystery beautiful lady again or not? It’s best when not written in words.

~Gou Chongloui


Hard Day to Forget

It was a hot summer afternoon, when the sun was about to set in the west. A day when parents were away for work leaving behind their three sons. Before they took leave from the house they instruct their sons to clean the house and do some of the house whole chores. As they leave the three sons was happy to start on working with some of the house whole works. They were happy to lend a helping hand which their mother was to do. Soon after a tragedy was about to happen which the three sons doesn’t even know and believe that would occur. The youngest son was busy cleaning all the sofas and TV, while the middle son was cleaning up the rooms. The eldest son was cleaning up the kitchen all others which his two brothers don’t touch. They were busy chatting while working on their own assign work instructed by his eldest brother. After sometime they were tired and were all about to finished on what they were working. Since their elder brother was working on the kitchen after finishing his work he starts to make some tea and snack for his brothers. They all came together to have their tea and snack made by the eldest brother. The youngest brother was talkative and stubborn while his elder brothers were calm and listening to all his crap stories being told.

Having a good time they take a rest but still there was one last work left to do and was the most tiresome work of all, fetching water from the well to all the pots available. So, after a sometime his elder brother instructs how to execute the work in less time. He asked his youngest brother to fetch the water from the well while his middle brother would pour on to the tanks and he would carry the water from the well till the tank. This way it was easy and less effort put on from all the brothers. After three, four trip, the floor becomes slippery due to the water drop inside the room. Due to the slippery condition the eldest brother start to play on it running and sliding on the slippery floor, it was fun to him and looks fun to his brothers who come to join him later. But it doesn’t last long, after finishing with the job they still continue to dance and slid on the slippery floor. While dancing and sliding they start to push and slid which they don’t know about the dangerous state of that game they play. His elder brother push hard his middle brother to slid but fate was not with them that they, his brother lost his balance falling on the hard cemented ground on his face. Crying out loud for help while pool of blood visible on the floor, tensed was high among all brothers with no one to cry for help. His elder brother holds his brother up, seeing his brother tooth had fallen.

He starts to carry him on his back to the nearest hospital, while leaving behind his youngest brother in case if their parent arrives and to inform them about the incident. Soon after their parents arrive and on hearing the news narrated by the youngest son they rush to the hospital to see their sons who had been admitted. The eldest son still tremble in fear and scared. Enquiring on the status of the son they heard that he has lost two of his tooth in the accident but he was out of danger. And till now he still have the scare on his face. It’s been 8 years now but still his elder brother don’t still have that much guts to say sorry to him, as he still fear that his brother would not accept it. What should he do..???

~Gou Chongloui

Dying Bed

I lay on my sick bed,

Trying hard holding my breath.

My whole body’s numb,

No respond to anything except shock.

I cry out loud your name,

No one heard as dumb speak.

Whispering lips,

Hard to understand words.

Finding hard to go to sleep,

Afraid I might not see you again.

Your voice still heard,

Echoing through my ears.

My eyes are weary,

Hard to open them wide.

Hanging just an inches away from death,

All I could think of,

Your sweet lovely smile.

Heard you when you talk,

Quietly into my ears.

Tears rolled down your cheek,

Can’t even wipe off those tears.

No energy to console you,

Still my heart aches.

When you hold me,

I felt your warm hands.

Don’t let go off your tender caring hands,

I might not beat.

Can’t see your tears roll down cheeks,

I wouldn’t leave you, Stupid!

I’ll always be with you,

You’ll always be in my heart.

Hard to be in the ICU,

Where every second of life counts.

~Gou Chongloui

25 May 2012


Sitting by the brook,
Lonely I was.
The winds howling,
Sky turns gray,
Lost all senses.
Restless I sat behind,
Counting on the Uncountability.
Nights long,
Days become shorter.
Pain inself grows,
Sorrow clout over me.

Ocean waves bigger,
Swallowing my eyes.
Often Dabble in,
Not for long.
My daftness follows.
Sitting all alone on peak,
Waiting to be drifted.
The Sun shine, moon emits light,
For how long would I see.

Grows in age,
Mind still fresh.
Trodden was my past,
Uncertain my future is.
Surround by walls of Jericho.
Crying out loud unheard,
Pleaded unattended.
Frozen my Heart is,
Mind minggles,
Less smile visible.
Cocktails face I saw,
Around me walking.
Trust is to no one,
And self the most.

Unworthy hardworking are,
Hidden tears fade untrace.
Days gone and days come,
Not the same anymore.
Envy are those whose smile paste in face.

Nights long and far…

~Gou Chongloui